💸 Alchemy Pay On-Ramp

Alchemy Pay On-Ramp provides the ability for our partners that their users can purchase crypto directly with fiat currency via a variety of local and global fiat payment methods. It can be useful for users who are new to the world of crypto and may not yet have any cryptocurrency holdings. By allowing users to purchase crypto directly with fiat currency, exchanges, DeFi protocols, Wallets and Web3 services can make it easier for new users to enter the crypto market and start investing in digital assets.

Three main problems for new Web3 entrants

  • Understanding terminology
    The world of Web3 is filled with technical jargon, concepts like "wallets", "private keys", and "gas fees", that can be difficult to understand. And understanding these terms is critical to being able to navigate and use these platforms effectively.
  • Security risks
    Unfamiliar with best practices for transferring crypto within complex blockchains, with the addition of Web3 platforms are vulnerable to hacking and other security threats, which can put users at risk of losing their funds.
  • Lack of customer support
    Decentralized platforms and transactions have limited customer support. New users may struggle to find answers to their questions or resolve issues that arise, which can be frustrating and can lead to mistakes or loss of funds.

Our solution

Alchemy Pay On-Ramp lets our partner platforms enable their users to buy crypto from fiat through various payment methods with one simple integration. Not just Card, we have supported more than 40 countries' Bank transfer, Mobile wallets, regional providers. Please check our full list of Supported Payment Methods.

User flow for Alchemy Pay On-Ramp (ex. Page integration)

  1. The user places an order after choosing their preferred crypto and network, the fiat they want to pay. Then redirected to our buy crypto page.
  2. Enter the wallet address / Or provided by the partners' platform in their flow.
  3. Add a payment method, such as a credit card or bank account. This will enable users to purchase crypto with fiat.
  4. If this is the user's first time buying via Alchemy Pay, they may involve KYC which needs to provide personal information and complete a verification process.
  5. Confirm the purchase, then our service will convert the fiat to the chosen crypto and transfer it to users' wallet.
  6. With cryptocurrency now in users' possession, they can use it for a variety of purposes, such as trading on exchanges, making purchases, or holding it as an investment.