💳 Alchemy Pay Off-Ramp

What is Alchemy Pay Off-Ramp?

Alchemy Pay Off-Ramp enables your users to sell crypto into fiat and have their funds sent to bank accounts around the world. Users can bypass complex processes and enjoy simple, quick fiat payouts with the industry’s most competitive fees.
With Alchemy Pay, moving funds from crypto to local fiat currency has never been easier. We support over 50+ countries up to now.


Without Off-Ramp, users typically have to navigate several steps in order to sell their cryptocurrency for fiat currency. These steps may include:

  1. Learn about swapping and bridging
  2. Swap one crypto for another and bridge it across blockchains.
  3. Find an exchange which allows off-ramping, and transfer cryptocurrency to this centralized exchange.
  4. Converting it to a stablecoin
  5. Withdraw the stablecoin to a bank account.

Our Solution

With Alchemy Pay Off-Ramp in Web3, the process of selling crypto to fiat is much more convenient.

  1. Users can simply select the cryptocurrency they want to sell, specify the amount they want to sell, and choose the fiat currency they want to receive.
  2. The Off-Ramp platform then handles the rest of the process, automatically converting the cryptocurrency to fiat and depositing the funds into the user's bank account. This streamlined process saves time and reduces the risk of errors or complications.

Use Cases

The Alchemy Pay Off-Ramp enhances the user experience of any decentralized application and empowers users with greater autonomy over their cryptocurrency assets, especially for dApps that aim to attract mainstream users unfamiliar with web3 technology.

  • NFT Marketplaces
    Allow your NFT creators and traders the option to move into their local fiat currency with ease.
  • DeFi Protocols
    DeFi users typically want to organise their funds between both crypto and fiat. Enable them to do so with minimum fuss.
  • Play-2-Earn Games
    Play-to-earn games provide a very real opportunity for the new gig economy. Enable your users to feel the benefit in both crypto and fiat.
  • Crypto Wallets
    Make your wallet a comprehensive system for all your user’s needs so you're all they'll ever need.

User Flow for Alchemy Pay Off-Ramp